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Greetings and salutations! Welcome to my homepage. It's currently under construction and I'm updating when I can. Below is descriptions of the classes I teach, in the sidebar navigation you can find additional information.

You can find the syllabus along with lessons on each classes page, along with additional information about the classes or CS in general.

Virtual Overview

  • You need to check in with me at some point during the virtual time. You can do this via the Google Meet link in the stream, google hangouts or email.
  • You are expected to do work that is posted in Google Classroom.
  • You can ask questions via Google hangouts, Google Meet, Email or as a private comment on the assignment.
  • Why learn Programming?

    1. Programming is basic literacy: 'In the future, the amount of technology and our reliance on it will only increase. The students of today need to be able to understand and control it.'
    2. It's a way to create change: 'In order to make change, the younger generations need to learn how to code.'
    3. "You have an idea for the next big tech innovation? Great. Can you bring it to life?": 'What separated those who simply have an idea and those who make their ideas a reality is simple: the ability to code.'
    4. Programming isn't that hard to learn: 'Learning how to program is like learning any other language. The difference is that programming can be much more powerful.'

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    Why Computer Science as a career?

    Not all computer science careers are about programming...
    Check out this link to show you the top 10 jobs with computer science or math degrees.
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    Programming Resources:

    1. - Introduction to computer programming
    2. Khan Academy - Computer programming concepts
    3. Codecademy - Fundamental Javascript and python languages
    4. GameStar Mechanic - Game design and development
    5. - 3D Animation programming in Java
    6. CodeHS - Computer Science concepts and AP Java Programming
    7. ScratchEd - Basic 2D Animation programming
    8. Free Coding Bootcamp - Advanced programming exercises and projects

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